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Business Advisory and Consulting Services

Business consultation is more than just friendly advice. An effective consultation provider can lead your enterprise to grow beyond your initial goals and make your grand scheme a reality.

The business world is highly competitive. Everything from technological advancements and increased corporate digitisation to higher customer expectations makes it important to remain in top form at all times. But with so much to do on a daily basis, it can be easy to let innovation and progression slide. Completing your to do list can be hard enough, which is why we’re here to help you deliver the best company performance possible.


Our business advisory and consulting services help you to see your business from an outside perspective. We pick up details and offer solutions you might not have thought of, giving you the chance to adapt, develop, and grow in the right direction. Of course, you get the final say, but we work closely with our clients to promote transparent communication and the sharing of ideas. Trust, integrity, and professionalism are at the heart of what we do. So when you work with A & C CHRISTOFI LTD, you can speak to us in confidence.

What effective Consultation looks like – Our Approach to your success

We offer a multi-pronged approach to business advisory and consulting. We’ll take a close look at your business as a whole before delving into specific areas that need attention. As every business is different, you can also tell us where you need help and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. We’ll then give you our opinion and suggest ways to evolve that are cost-effective and easy to manage.

Our expertise goes beyond all these areas:

✔ Mergers and acquisitions

✔ Company restructure

✔ Company valuations

✔ Feasibility of business plans

✔ Qualitative and quantitative research

✔ Investment appraisals

✔ Review of internal audit systems

✔ Receiverships and liquidations

✔ Due diligence reports

✔ Cyprus Stock Exchange listings

✔ Computerisation of Accounting departments

✔ Advice on accounting system selection

✔ Human resources services and management

✔ Management consulting

✔ Business recovery

✔ Forensic and dispute services

✔ Grants and incentives

What makes A&C CHRISTOFI LTD different from other firms? 

Our Unique Strategy – A Hierarchy of Purposes

Business advisory and consultation with A&C CHRISTOFI LTD includes a broad range of activities, that many firms fail to offer. We make our process effective and define goals in terms of the professional’s area of expertise. Such , competitive analysis, corporate strategy, operations management, and human resources.
However in practice, too many differences exist within these categories too. We create a blueprint for your business using our unique consultation strategy.

  • Step 1: Handling and providing valuable information to your business.
  • Step 2: Solving your business problems in priority.
  • Step 3: Creating a diagnosis, and necessitate redefinition of the issues.
  • Step 4: Providing actionable recommendations based on the diagnosis.
  • Step 5: Helping in the implementation of recommended solutions.
  • Step 6: Establishing organisational consensus and group commitment around the correct actions.
  • Step 7: Facilitating business owners in learning – guiding them how to resolve similar problems in the future.
  • Step 8: Permanently improving your business effectiveness for the future.

We’re happy to talk through each aspect in more detail and will always tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Become a leading enterprise in Cyprus.

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