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Here at A&C CHRISTOFI LTD, we understand that tax planning and organization can be challenging. We offer a range of tax-related services to assist with compliance and ensure you’re not overpaying.

We support you with tax regulation, payment, and return filing when it’s most crucial. In Cyprus, companies apply for tax returns based on their annual financial statements, often seeking legal services for clarity.

As your chosen Cypriot tax management firm, A&C CHRISTOFI LTD provides top-notch advice and management, ensuring peace of mind.


What expert Tax Management looks like – Our Services


A&C CHRISTOFI LTD offers a broad spectrum of tax management services, including:

  • Tax Planning: We strategize to minimize our tax liabilities, ensuring we use legal avenues to reduce what both we as a company and our individual clients owe.
  • Tax Return Preparation and Submission: We focus on compiling and filing our tax documents accurately and promptly, ensuring we adhere to the legal requirements and avoid penalties.
  • Capital Statement Preparation: We summarize the changes in our equity over time, reflecting our financial performance and adjustments in shareholder equity.
  • Double Tax Avoidance Advice: We provide strategies to avoid being taxed twice on the same income, whether it’s within the same jurisdiction or across different countries.
  • Tax Case Negotiation: We engage with tax authorities, negotiating on our behalf to resolve disputes or clarify our tax responsibilities, aiming to minimize our liabilities.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Acquisition: We obtain certificates verifying that we have paid all our tax dues, essential for our business transactions and compliance.
  • Tax Payment Management: We organize and schedule our tax payments to ensure we meet our obligations on time, avoiding any penalties or interest.
  • Capital Gains Tax Services: We manage and plan for taxes due on profits from the sale of assets, aiming to optimize our financial outcomes.
  • International Tax Planning: We strategize our tax obligations for operations in multiple countries, ensuring we comply with international tax laws and optimize our tax positions.
  • Social Insurance Contribution Services: We manage our social insurance contributions to ensure efficiency and compliance with regulations.
  • VAT Return Filing: We file our VAT returns regularly, ensuring accurate reporting and payment of our value-added tax obligations.
  • VAT Regulation Compliance: We ensure that we adhere to VAT laws and regulations, maintaining compliance and accurate VAT management.
  • International VAT Planning: We specialize in managing VAT for international transactions, helping us navigate the complexities of VAT regulations across borders.

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