Transparency Reports

Transparency Reports

The Auditors and Statutory Audits of Annual and Consolidated Accounts Law 42(I)/2009, harmonized with Cyprus legislation and Directive 2006/43/EC, mandates audit firms to publish annual Transparency Reports as specified in section 48, effective from April 8, 2011.

These regulations require auditors, identified as statutory auditors, who have reported on the annual accounts of one or more public interest entities during the financial year, to annually disclose specific information. This information must be published on their website or submitted to the Company’s Registrar within three months after the calendar year ends.

The Transparency Report provides details about our company concerning:

  • Legal structure and shareholders;
  • Legal and structural relationships within its network and governance;
  • Followed internal quality control systems;
  • The most recent quality assurance review by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus;
  • Public-interest entities audited;
  • Compliance with independent practices and values;
  • Employee continuing education policies;
  • Financial information reflecting financial status;
  • Remuneration basis for statutory auditors.

Our Annual Transparency Report informs stakeholders—including businesses, investors, regulators, and communities—about our firm, showcasing our dedication to delivering high-quality audit and assurance services, aligning with our clients and the public’s expectations.