Why Cyprus

Why Cyprus​

In May 2014, Cyprus solidified its position on the global stage by becoming an official member of the European Union, boasting the lowest tax rate in Europe. The benefits Cyprus offers are manifold and can be significant for you as well.

Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960, birthing the Republic of Cyprus. Since 1974, the island has been de facto divided, with the Greek Cypriot community holding 63% of the territory and the Turkish Cypriots, supported by Turkish military presence, controlling the remaining 37%.

Cyprus’s strategic location has amplified its importance far beyond its physical size, positioning it as a crucial player amidst the national interests of various countries due to its proximity to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Why You Should Choose Cyprus


  • Cyprus offers an extensive network of double taxation treaties with over 41 countries, ensuring your business isn’t taxed twice on the same income.
  • Dividends paid to non-residents are not subject to withholding tax in Cyprus.
  • Properly structured holding companies can significantly reduce or eliminate tax liabilities.
  • Non-resident companies are only taxed on income generated within Cyprus.
  • Capital gains tax is applicable only on the sale of immovable property located in Cyprus.


  • Strategically situated at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • A democratic country with a stable and safe environment.
  • Favorable climate and living conditions.
  • High proficiency in English among the population, facilitating business and daily life.
  • Availability of skilled professionals across various fields.

Choosing A&C Christofi Ltd as Your Partner:

A&C Christofi Ltd is committed to making your transition to a leading enterprise in Cyprus as seamless as possible. Partnering with us offers ten key benefits that will propel your business toward success:
  1. Comprehensive evaluation and reporting.
  2. Timely assessment and management of risks.
  3. Effective safeguarding of your assets.
  4. Value addition and process improvement strategies.
  5. Cost-effective solutions, transforming your business into a profit center.
  6. Ensuring 100% compliance with regulatory requirements.
  7. Insightful overview of internal systems and controls.
  8. Independent verification to enhance business credibility.
  9. Strategies to prevent fraud and malpractice within the organization.
  10. Detailed examinations leading to improved financial planning and budgeting.
For additional information about Cyprus and how it can benefit your business or other areas of interest, please visit the Goverment website.
Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at info info@acccyp.com or cchr@acccyp.com