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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To become one of the leading professional services Accounting organizations in Cyprus

We struggle to achieve this vision by consistently following our core values and continuously growing our quality client base. We at A & C Christofi Ltd aim to groom as a technologically advanced, progressive and most trusted accounting, business advisory, taxation and financial management advisory organization in Cyprus by employing experienced and competent business professionals who are collaborative, resourceful and innovative. While focusing on providing comprehensive financial services to individuals and businesses, we also strive to develop a working environment where our staff members can grow professionally and financially. We believe in an outstanding team environment to impact the personal and business future of our clients by providing highly trusted, innovative and practical services.

We are determined to grow as an organized and professional financial service firm which is capable enough to maintain a balance between client service, staff growth and the financial success of the organization. We believe that we will accomplish this by building a team of enthusiastic professionals and for that we are constantly developing a culture of recognition, pride and enthusiasm that enables us to attract and retain the brightest and best professionals who are equally passionate about their work and clients’ success because they are recognized, rewarded and admired for their contributions.

Our Mission

  • To offer high quality professional services in Accounting, Taxation, and Business Financial Planning as a partner who functions as part of your business
  • To deliver our services in an effective, efficient and innovative manner by a competent and highly skilled, professional team that is well aware of current and future needs of our clients and is passionate to help them grow personally and financially
  • To maintain professionalism, reliability and honesty in all business dealings and establish trust among our staff, clients and partners
  • To employ our knowledge of law and regulations to assist our clients and organizations in the voluntary and charitable sectors in order to compliance in areas of charity
  • To be mindful at all times of our duty of confidentiality and professional independence
  • To create a culture of pride, reward and recognition and a dynamic working environment that is conducive to personal and financial growth in order to attract and retain the brightest professionals
  • To strive for maintaining a balance between family life and work

Covid-19 - Business support, advice, guidance and working arrangements We are posting regular updates to help our clients stay informed - Read about our Covid-19 business support and working arrangements plan. We are posting regular updates to help our clients stay informed.