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The launch of new Mobile App (01/02/2016)

This App has been brought to you by A & C CHRISTOFI LTD (Chartered Accountants) in order to give you key financial information at your fingertips, 24/7. You can now download the app on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone or tablet to learn and make your own calculations anytime, anywhere!

Now you can have instant access to the latest business news, key dates and penalties relating to Income Tax, VAT, Social Insurance and Company Registrar and calculators.

You can make use of the following calculators:

The VAT calculator allows you to calculate the VAT given price. It also allows you to calculate the original price and VAT given the total price. As a customer, for example, you can calculate, how much a specific product would cost without the VAT.
As a business owner, you could easily calculate, how much you have to add to the price of a product. Allows you to enter any VAT rate.

Simple Income Tax
A very useful calculator for salaried people to compute their annual income tax. It is very simple and easy to use.

Advanced Income Tax
Calculate accurately your income tax for the year based on a complete list of parameters. Input your sources of Income and any related Exemptions, Deductions and Allowances and it will calculate your Income Tax Payable and Special Defense Contribution to the Inland Revenue Department of Cyprus. All fields are presented and explained in detail so that anyone can easily calculate their own Income Tax.

Loan Calculator is useful for anyone who wishes to take up a mortgage from the bank, an auto loan to purchase a car or simply loan money to a friend.

Payroll Costs
Wondering what your monthly/yearly salary is or what is the total payroll cost for your business? Comparing job offers? Use this calculator to determine your equivalent salary and the total payroll cost.

Capital Gains Tax
Are you planning to sell an immovable property? Use this calculator to calculate the capital gains tax based on the selling price, original acquisition cost, indexation allowance, and the relative expenses if any.

It’s designed to be a super helpful place to get handy information whenever you need it. For more information regarding accounting, auditing, taxation, and advisory services you can find our contact information on the company profile page within the application.

As a proactive, forward thinking firm of accountants, we wanted to reach out to you in a modern, time effective way. Enjoy, with our compliments!

Download the app for free and try it for yourself:



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