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Why Cyprus

In May 2014, Cyprus became an official member of the European Union and has the advantage of the lowest tax rate in Europe. There are several other benefits Cyprus has granted us and will most likely grant you too.

The Republic of Cyprus was established in 1960, after the former colony gained independence from Britain. Since 1974, however, a de facto division of the island has existed, with the Greek Cypriot community controlling 63% of the territory, and the Turkish Cypriots, backed by Turkish army units making up the remaining 37%. With constant anticolonial and intercommunal strife since the mid-1950s, Cyprus assumed an importance disproportionate to its size and population because of its strategic location and its impact on the national interests of other nations. The island’s location in the eastern Mediterranean Sea has made it easily accessible from Europe, Asia, and Africa



    Excellent network of double taxation treaties with more than 41 countries

    No withholding of taxes for payment of dividends to non-residents

    Holding companies if properly structured can escape taxation all together

    Non-resident companies are taxed only on the income derived in Cyprus

    Capital gains tax is payable on the sale of immovable property in Cyprus


    Strategic geographical location

    Democratic country with a stable environment

    Climate and living conditions

    English language is widely spoken

    Skilled professional staff at all areas


    A&C CHRISTOFI LTD will make your journey to become a leading enterprise in Cyprus as easy as counting ten. The ten benefits of working with us will give you the edge to become a successful business:

    1. Effective evaluation and reporting
    2. Timely risk assessment and management
    3. Safeguarding your assets the right way
    4. Providing value additions and overall process improvement
    5. Affordable solutions and your very own profit centre
    6. 100% compliance with industry obligations
    7. An overview of internal systems and controls
    8. Independent verification for business credibility
    9. The opportunity to prevent fraud and in-house malpractice
    10. Critical examination leading to better financial planning and budgeting 

For more information about Cyprus in relation to any area of interest, please visit the Goverment website


send us an email at info@acccyp.com or cchr@acccyp.com

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