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A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. is a service-based company located in Cyprus, with decades of experience working with companies, individuals, and organisations in the Non-profit sector.

Our talented and experienced team at A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. knows that finding the right balance of service, amenities, and cash flow is of utmost importance to this particular industry. We specialise in helping non-profit organisations keep their finger on the financial pulse, so that they can focus on what really matters – serving the organisation’s mission and achieving their greatest potential.

A & C CHRISTOFI Ltd. offers customizable services to help your organisation gain control of cash flow and manage reporting requirements. We do that by reducing manual efforts and improving operational efficiencies. Our team, technology, and processes approach means our non-profit clients get timely and accurate financial intelligence, critical information which prevents them from blowing their budget on unnecessary salary, training, software, hardware, or office space.

We offer a wide range of services to non-profit organisations, including…

  • Full or partial bookkeeping, accounting, and controller services
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your financial information and reports
  • Disciplined month-end review and internal controls to reduce risk of fraud
  • Fixed fees to help you gain better control over your administrative costs
  • A QuickBooks-centric financial system design
  • Audit and budget support
  • Technical support and training for your staff

We deliver secure, reliable, and growth-oriented software migration services. Our support services go beyond the audit and tax compliance process and are available in several forms. These include implementation of time recording systems to make payroll processes more efficient, assistance with financial projections for businesses seeking funding, and review of tax allowances to ensure procurement of maximum available relief.

Our team of professionals are experienced in the Non-profit sector and we can help develop a brand-new financial system that offers you the tools you need to make smarter decisions quickly and efficiently.

From salary payments to reporting total expenditure and recording transactions, every step requires specialised accounting management. This is why accounting is crucial to the Non-profit sector. A & C CHRISTOFI offers you the data you need to improve the function of every aspect of your establishment and help you make proactive decisions so that you can better serve society.

To learn more about our accounting services, please contact us at or call us on +357 25 332 177.

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