To maintain a good reputation and is registered in the Companies Registry, since June 2011, all companies in Cyprus Registrar of Companies (The “Registry”) registered must pay 350 euros in taxes each year on June 30 (the The “tax”). The total amount to be paid by the company to a ceiling of 20,000 euros.
Companies pay an annual fee where the term fails to company law, according to the following shall be punished:

  • Since July 1, 20XX to August 31, 20XX a fine of 385 euros (subject to a 10% penalty)
  • Since September 1, 20XX to November 30, 20XX a fine of 490 euros (imposes a 30% penalty)

Where the company did not pay the annual fee before the deadline, and November 30, 20XX has not yet paid the company, the Registry will revoke its registration. Any revocation of the company registration within two years after the payment of the company’s annual costs in the company’s registered office and paid € 500 fee to the Companies Registry of the company, to restore its registration; where the payment of fees in the two years after the company, you must pay 750 euro to recover their registration.

In addition, 20XX on or after July 1 merger of the company in liquidation state exempt from this tax.