Energy And Resources:

A&C CHRISTOFI LTD, based in Cyprus, specializes in providing professional accounting and bookkeeping services tailored to businesses in the Energy and Resources sector, recognizing the critical role of accounting in facilitating operational efficiency and financial management. 

Custom Solutions for Energy Businesses:
We collaborate closely with energy and utility companies, offering bespoke accounting and finance solutions to address industry-specific challenges, ensuring maximum cost-efficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Financial Services:
With over a decade of experience in the Energy industry, our firm offers a comprehensive suite of services including accounting, bookkeeping, audit, assurance, payroll, and advisory services, aimed at streamlining financial operations and enhancing performance.

Efficiency and Accuracy:
Our team is dedicated to optimizing your company’s financial processes, from metadata management to fund allocation, ensuring smooth operations and accurate financial reporting through meticulous attention to detail.

Tax Management Expertise:
We specialize in managing complex tax computations for Energy and Resource institutions of all sizes, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations and providing comprehensive tax planning and filing services.

Advanced Software Solutions:
In addition to routine accounting activities, we provide sophisticated software tools for data analysis and financial reporting, empowering clients to focus on core business activities while ensuring efficient administrative management.

Client-Centric Approach:
We prioritize client satisfaction and success, offering updated financial reports, profitability analysis, and cash flow management to support informed decision-making and business growth.

Get in Touch:
To learn more about our services and schedule a consultation, please contact us at or call us at +357 25 332 177.