A&C CHRISTOFI LTD, based in Cyprus, brings decades of experience in supporting companies, individuals, and organizations in the non-profit sector. We understand the critical importance of maintaining financial stability while serving the mission and goals of non-profit organizations. Our tailored services are designed to help non-profit entities achieve greater control over their finances, allowing them to focus on their core objectives.

Customized Financial Solutions:
We offer customizable services to streamline cash flow management and reporting requirements for non-profit organizations. By leveraging our expertise, technology, and streamlined processes, our clients gain timely and accurate financial intelligence, enabling them to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Comprehensive Services:
Our range of services for non-profit organizations includes full or partial bookkeeping, accounting, and controller services, with anytime, anywhere access to financial information and reports. We provide disciplined month-end reviews and internal controls to mitigate the risk of fraud, along with fixed fees to help organizations better manage administrative costs.

Specialized Support:
With a focus on QuickBooks-centric financial system design, we offer audit and budget support, technical assistance, and staff training to ensure smooth operations. Our software migration services are secure, reliable, and growth-oriented, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial management.

Expertise in Non-Profit Sector:
Our team of professionals specializes in the non-profit sector, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique accounting needs of these organizations. From payroll processing to financial projections and tax allowances, we provide comprehensive support to help non-profits thrive.

Empowering Decision-Making:
We provide the data and insights necessary to optimize every aspect of non-profit operations, empowering organizations to make proactive decisions and better serve society. By partnering with A&C CHRISTOFI LTD, non-profits can enhance their financial management capabilities and focus on achieving their mission.

Learn More:
To discover how our accounting services can benefit your non-profit organization, please contact us at or call us on +357 25 332 177.